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Wednesday 21 March 2018
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Dealing with Drugs: A Study of Drug Law Enforcement, Drug Detectives and Proactive Investigation

Monday 21 May 2012
Liberty Building, Room 2-46, University of Leeds

At 1pm on Monday 21st May 2012 Dr Matthew Bacon (University of Manchester) will present the following paper:


Dealing with Drugs: A Study of Drug Law Enforcement, Drug Detectives and Proactive Investigation



Police detectives, criminal investigation and enforcement initiatives directed at controlling the supply of illegal drugs remain some of the least researched subject areas in the broad fields of policing and police studies. This paper presents the findings of an ethnographic study of the world and work of plain clothes detectives employed in local drug squads and the execution of drug law enforcement. At the heart of the study is an examination of the key formal and informal mechanisms underlying the objectives, processes and techniques of drug investigations. Taking a cultural perspective, it explores how drug detectives perceive their work, their role as police officers mandated to police drugs and the drug world that they police. It also considers the ideas of policing, the police and drug policy in late modern society and examines how the influx of legislation, policing policies and reform programmes over recent decades have impacted upon detectives and the conduct of criminal investigations. Dealing with Drugs provides new understandings that challenge prevalent ways of thinking about the form and function of contemporary police culture, the capacity of police organisations for change and the role of the police in drug control. 



Dr Matthew Bacon is a Research Associate at the Centre for Regulation, Governance & Security of the University of Manchester, where he is the lead researcher on a study of ‘The Contractual Governance of Drug Users’. He was recently awarded his PhD in Criminology from the University of Sheffield. His research interests include: policing, in particular the occupational culture of the police, criminal investigation and covert policing practices; illegal drug markets and drug control policy; and the informal economy.



Liberty Building, Room 2-46. Please find directions below.


For further details please contact Dr Sam Lewis on 0113 343 2529