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Saturday 24 February 2018
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Experiences of minority prisoners in HMP Wakefield


Wednesday 31st October 2012, 4.00-6.00p.m

Robert Winston Building F516, Public Health Hub, Sheffield Hallam University

Seminar with Professor Malcolm Cowburn


This seminar, hosted by the Public Health Hub, will discuss how minority group prisoners in HMP Wakefield experience life in custody. Discussion will include how minority group prisoners' experience of life in prison could be improved, what policies and practices HMP Wakefield seek to develop in relation to diversity and how they will implement diversity policies.


Malcolm's key areas of interest include:


Sex offenders and sexual violence; thinking about how sexual violence and sex offenders are socially constructed. This requires addressing both psychological and sociological understandings of sexual harm and finding ways to incorporate both of these approaches to sexual violence into different ways of thinking about men, male behaviour, male sex offenders and community safety.


Prisons and the management of diversity; understanding the intersection of identities - race, ethnicity, gender, faith, sexuality, disability and age - and how these can cast light on the ways in which prisoners manage their time in jail.


These areas require detailed and rigorous exploration of the ethical issues underpinning research practise. Prime concern is the tension between allowing research participants to speak openly and freely whilst ensuring that research does not collude with intended or on-going harm to other people.


If you would like to attend please email Anna Ryan -