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Monday 19 March 2018
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No Offence! Restorative Justice, and Gang, Gun and Knife Crime Conference

Wednesday 14 March 2012, 9.30am-4.30pm

The Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA


Hosted by Broadcaster and Co-ordinating Prison Chaplain

‘Sharon Grenham-Toze’



Lizzie Nelson - Director, Restorative Justice Council

Restorative Justice Council Director, Lizzie Nelson, will provide the introductory presentation for the Conference, providing:

  • An overview of the research evidence for both victim benefits and reductions in re-offending
  • Current provision of restorative justice/practice across England and Wales, and across agencies
  • Government proposals to extend provision of restorative justice in adult and youth justice
  • Use of restorative justice with a wide range of offences – including violent offences and with gangs
  • The importance of Quality practice standards, accreditation and practitioner registration
  • The current advocacy/campaign objectives of the Restorative Justice Council – at national and EU level


Gerry Marshall - Chief Executive, Thames Valley Probation Trust

Restorative Justice - ‘Less Re-offending, Fewer Victims’

Since 2001, Gerry has championed the research and implementation of restorative justice as a requirement in Community Orders. At this conference Gerry will discuss how restorative justice works for victims, offenders and for communities and answer important questions such as ‘why has it only operated in Thames Valley with any durability and consistency?’ Gerry will show that Restorative Justice is not a cheap, simple or soft option, though it is much more cost-effective than prison. Gerry will highlight how restorative justice features heavily in the work of Thames Valley Probation Trust with an aim of ‘Less Re-offending, Fewer Victims’.


Sheldon Thomas - Co-Founder & CEO, T.A.G & Gangsline

A unique and personal approach to tackling gangs

Sheldon will share:

  • His knowledge and personal involvement in gangs and how he changed his life
  • Broad information on the gang culture in this country
  • How he engages with those involved in gangs
  • What the approach is and why it works
  • The future


Ray and Vi Donovan - The Chris Donovan Trust

The effects and impact on families affected by gang crime

Ray and Vi are the parents of Chris Donovan, who was sadly killed during a completely unprovoked attack back in May 2001 at just age 18. Ray and Vi devote much of their time to visiting schools and prisons to talk about gang violence and forgiveness with their work, focusing on the use of restorative justice principles to help offenders learn about the impact crime has on their victims. They even meet gangs and try to educate them about what it is like to be a victim of crime and to show them that their actions not only destroy the victims life but it also tears apart their family too. Ray and Vi will share their journey, taking them down the path of forgiveness and leading into the important work they do today.




Darren Way - Founder/Consultant Practitioner, Streets of Growth

Streets of Growth is an award winning Youth Intervention Organisation set up and run by local residents, professionals and ex-offenders. In this unique workshop you will hear founder Darren Way, share for the first time, Streets of Growth’s 360 degree Total Intervention System that removes the unsustainable reliance upon institutional fixes to address adolescent disaffection and harmful behaviours. Prepare to be inspired as Darren not only shows more innovative ways you can engage, but more importantly – who he and his team have had to learn to become, in order to really coach young communities to tackle disaffection, and gun and knife crime.


Kristina Gregory - Youth Projects Manager,

The sessions will introduce delegates to – the dedicated youth brand and website from the crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers. They will look to explore the tactics and resources used by the charity to promote the anonymous service to young people throughout the UK. This will provide the platform for delegates to share best practice, new ideas and how to overcome obstacles when tackling issues around gun, gang and knife crime.


Simon Fulford - Chief Executive, Khulisa UK

Khulisa have a 14year track record of being at the forefront of restorative justice, violence-reduction, youth diversion and community revitalisation in South Africa where they have impacted over one million people. They deliver unique and powerful behaviour-change intervention programmes addressing violence and the crime cycle, fostering personal and community regeneration along with victim empathy. Simon will lead a hands-on experiential workshop where participants will be introduced to the main themes and concepts of their ‘Silence the Violence’ programme. This is a highly engaging and thought-provoking session that will not only be relevant to offender rehabilitation practitioners but applicable to your day-to-day work as well. Their flagship programme starts the process of rehabilitation through the innovative use of therapeutic methods and creative, participant-led techniques. They use the language and theory of violence (emotional, verbal and physical) to draw a link between violence/abuse/conflict and offending behaviour, and develop the notion that no crime is victimless.


Marina Cantacuzino - Founder/Director, Levi Hall - Facilitator, The Forgiveness Project

This will be an introduction and taster of The Forgiveness Project's RESTORE programme - currently running in eight UK prisons and Youth Offending Institutes. RESTORE is a group based intervention - for up to 20 prisoners at a time - which encourages prisoners to explore concepts of forgiveness and conflict resolution in a framework that fosters greater accountability and responsibility. It recognises that, although convicted of offences, many prisoners themselves have histories of abuse, violence and trauma, and most crucially it is facilitated by both ex-offenders and victims of crime. The workshop will invite participants to experience some of the activities included in the RESTORE programme.


Russell Symons - Founder/Director, Impressionable Minds

The workshop will include:

  • Urban Slang and money
  • Female Gangs - Why do young women join? / Role in all female and mixed gangs / Victims or perpetrators? An examination into cyber bullying, honey traps, sexual and physical violence as a weapon
  • Previous North London gang member and his views on the Tottenham riots
  • Youth getting Younger – A focus on age and why gang members are joining from a much younger age
  • Technology - the new weapon!
  • Gang loyalty - snitching, breaking the silence - Is it possible? The consequences


Michael Smith - Founder, Word 4 Weapons

‘Word 4 Weapons’ is an initiative that has been set up with a view to counteract the wave of knife and gun crime in the UK. Currently 26 knife bins are placed around boroughs in London, primarily away from CCTV, to allow people to deposit weapons anonymously. They have collected over 3000 weapons, including 6 guns since its inception in 2007, effectively saving lives by removing weapons from the streets. Michael will share the reasons for developing this innovative and crucial charity, highlighting the dangers of knife crime and the destruction it causes.



Aims & objectives

The No Offence! spring conference on Restorative Justice, and Gang, Gun & Knife Crime will explore two quite different themes in one day.


Through a very wide-ranging selection of speakers and workshops, attendees will hear about latest thinking in the tackling and prevention of gang-related weapon-based offending. There will also be the opportunity to catch up with the most recent developments and initiatives around restorative justice and alternatives to violence. Can restorative justice take place effectively in knife-crime scenarios? This question will be confronted and discussed in the conference, led by people with first-hand experience of the relevant factors. As usual our workshops will be solution-focused, and will encourage cross-sector partnerships by sharing good practice and innovation.


Delegates from all sectors across criminal justice will benefit from the significant experience of professionals in the field, with key speeches from leading authorities on Restorative Justice, Gang, Gun and Knife Crime.


Speakers and workshops will cover issues including:

  • How restorative justice works for victims, offenders and communities
  • The use of restorative justice principles to help offenders learn about the impact crime has on their victims
  • Innovative ways to coach young communities to tackle disaffection, and gun and knife crime.
  • A restorative approach to engaging serious violent offenders in desistance
  • A platform to share good practice and new ideas and how to overcome obstacles when tackling issues around gun, gang and knife crime



Benefits of attending

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with experienced senior representatives working directly in the Restorative Justice, and Gang, Gun and Knife Crime field
  • Learn about the effects on families affected by gang crime
  • Hear from organisations showcasing ‘good practice’ examples


No Offence! is about building partnerships across the Criminal Justice Sector. These partnerships will maximise the benefits of combined expertise, and working in collaboration will produce innovative and effective responses to problems that are tough to tackle individually. The serious issues addressed at the conference will give delegates the opportunity to debate and explore future ways of working more effectively, and with budgets as tight as ever this will become increasingly more important. Our last conference saw networking at its very best with new business being achieved on the day, so don’t miss out, use this day to meet experts and colleagues with the same overarching desire to make a difference.


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Conference Pricing

Conference places can be booked using the 'Add to Cart' button at the top of the forum, please see the options below to see what is relevant to your organisation. If you wish to book more than one place this can be done when you 'Checkout'.


All instructions on how to use the 'Add to Cart' facility can be found here: Instructions 


Option 1

Smaller voluntary organisations (Inc. charities and social enterprise with less than 30 employees) - £140 +vat (£168 inc vat)


Option 2

Central government departments and agencies, non-departmental public bodies and other public sector organisations, commercial organisations with 1-3 employees, Larger voluntary organisations (30 or more employees) - £175 +vat (£210 inc vat)


Option 3

Non-members of No Offence! and commercial sector - £215 +vat (£258 inc vat)

If you would like any further information or support please email Richard Rowley as soon as possible.