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Saturday 21 April 2018

West Yorkshire Police DOMU Mission Statement

Author: DOMU (Drugs and Offender Management Unit), West Yorkshire Police


Our Mission: To reduce crime and protect the public of West Yorkshire, improving outcomes for offenders, offender’s families and local communities, through the development, delivery and monitoring of an Integrated Offender Management scheme.


“Bringing together the right agencies to ensure that the right interventions are undertaken with the right offenders at the right time”.


Terms of Reference

  1. Act as a professional expert group to the five local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs), West Yorkshire Local Criminal Justice Board (LCJB), agencies and districts to promote, develop and manage Integrated Offender Management (IOM) in West Yorkshire.

  2. Contribute to the development of IOM strategic and delivery plans, and oversee progress against agreed objectives.

  3. Account for funding and resources as appropriate, providing reports and information as required.

  4. Ensure the development of IOM is co-ordinated across West Yorkshire, taking account of district priorities.

  5. Oversee the development and agreement of models, standards and good practice, for the implementation of IOM and recommend these to Local Strategic Partnerships, the LCJB, CDRPs, agencies and districts.

  6. Act as a conduit for the communication of the aims and achievements of IOM and for consultation across wider networks.

  7. Drive process and performance improvement in the delivery of a “Premium Service” within IOM, including the improvement of outcomes related to Public Service Agreements and national indicators, through identifying good practice, and offering opportunities for increasing efficiency and effectiveness in partnership, in particular commissioning across agency or district boundaries.

  8. Identify gaps in provision and actively seek opportunities to address.

  9. Keep West Yorkshire at the forefront of IOM development by seeking creativity and innovation in tackling barriers to progress.

  10. Influence the national agenda by providing advice to and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the national IOM Board.