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Friday 20 April 2018

Leeds IOM Implementation Group Terms of Reference

Version: Tk/S/2/1.0

Authors: Safer Leeds; DOMU (Drugs and Offender Management Unit)



The principal aim of IOM in Leeds is to reduce the numbers of victims of crime and to reducing re-offending through the multi agency led identification of those offenders causing or whom are at serious risk of causing our Communities most harm.


This work will be achieved by employing a range of well considered tactical interventions to address offending behaviour in a timely manner.




This Group will be accountable to the Leeds Integrated Offender Management Strategic Group.



Key Roles


  • To design and implement an agreed model of Integrated Offender Management for Leeds in accordance with deadlines determined by the Strategic Group.
  • To produce a working draft of the Rehabilitate and Resettlement operational guidelines, together with identified roles and responsibilities for the key staff involved in the delivery, both from the Police and our Partners.
  • To establish a fully functional rehabilitation and resettlement hub based at Mabgate Mills in accordance with deadlines determined by the Strategic Group.
  • To ensure that any agreed model within Leeds delivers on the key performance measures and premium service contained within the West Yorkshire Integrated Offender Management Partnership performance matrix.
  • To ensure that products developed by this Group including the common needs assessment tool, exit strategy, actual operational guidelines and standardisation of the PPO case conferencing criteria remain the property of the West Yorkshire Partnership. Implementation Group members are prohibited from sharing any products outside West Yorkshire boundaries without prior agreement from the West Yorkshire Strategic IOM Board. However, the terms and conditions attached to the Pioneer status bid may require emergent good practice to be shared externally with the Home Office and Ministry of Justice.