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Friday 20 April 2018

West Midlands Police IOM Overview

Author: West Midlands Police

IOM Governance

Strategically, the delivery of IOM is overseen by the Local Criminal Justice Board Offender Management Strategic Theme Board (LCJB OMSTG).  The Group works under the authority of the LCJB to oversee multi-agency responses to managing offenders in the community.  Membership for the Group comprises of the agency leads from Police, Probation, Prison Service, Victim Support and YOS, and co-opted members representing Heads of CSP, Offender Health Board and National Treat Agency.  Sitting below the LCJB OMSTG are the seven local IOM Strategic Boards/Groups responsible for overseeing the delivery of IOM locally.  Membership for these local Boards/Groups comprises of senior operational leads from stakeholders involved in the development of IOM.



IOM Policy

WMP are in the process of developing a force wide IOM policy that will provide clear guidance and operating model for the effective management of offenders through integrated offender management. The policy will have a number of hyperlinks to key national and local documents to provide a 'one stop shop' reference for staff.

 The main sections include; Background, IOM Key Principles, Strategic Aims & Governance, Identification & Management of Offenders, Scoring Framework, Ownership, Equality Impact Assessment, Human rights, Training, Promotion, Distribution and Marketing , Review etc.



Scoring Framework

WMP have worked with their standard tasking, co-ordinating and intelligence system CORVUS to produce a scoring framework around the selection and de-selection of IOM managed nominals.  Nominals are scored against the following: - arrests and disposal, intelligence, warrants, dip data. There are 1653 Home Office crimes scored within the framework, each weighted according to the WMP Strategic Assessment Priorities. The nominal’s are then automatically either given a High, Medium or Low status dependant on their score, 250 - 499 = LOW, 500-999 = MEDIUM, 1000 + = HIGH.

The overall scoring data has captured events within a number of data sets over a 2 year time frame.  Therefore the overall score achieved by a nominal is calculated on an accumulative score from each data set hit within that 2 year time frame. 

These nominals are discussed locally at the ODOC’s and decisions made about lead agencies and their management plans.

Once managed electronically, this will track the nominal’s score and any changes of risk, all interventions will also be tracked and can be easily plotted within a scoring chart to enable offender managers and partners to track interventions against the nominal’s risk and score.

This is a Police only system at the moment, with the ability to include Assett and Oasys scores manually.

Managed Offenders Court

IOM nominal’s appear on a set morning or afternoon court for sentencing.  Early indications are that there is a better prosecuting relationship between Police and Crown Prosecution Service, greater use of Oral reports and swifter sentencing.  The Managed Offenders Court is currently being piloted in Wolverhampton.  It will be evaluated in consultation with HMCS and a decision will then be made regarding roll out to other areas.



Partnership co-location

Co-located hubs have been established to strengthen the collaborative work that has been carried out, enhance and improve partnership working , the exchange of information, decision making and risk management, as well as better use of resources to target and robustly manage IOM nominal’s. IOM surgeries have also been established for nominal’s to drop into 2/3 times a week where all partners are all within one place to easily access services and talk to their offender managers both police and probation. These have been very successful and enhance the pivotal partnership work around the management of our offenders.



New Leaf Project

The project is funded by Pertemp’s People Development Group as part of the CFO Tender.  New Leaf Project is currently operating in Walsall, Wolverhampton and Sandwell.  New Leaf Project work with adult offenders managed under IOM that are serving less than 12 month custodial sentences, the "revolving door" cohort.  Offenders are allocated Employment Coaches who work in partnership with Police Offender Managers to primarily address education, training and employment needs. 



One Day One Conversation (ODOC)  

Multi-agency meetings to identify, select, manage and de-select IOM nominals from the scheme.  Draft Guidance has been produced for operational staff, includes criteria for IOM nominal’s, format and structure of meetings, cross border ownership and transfers.  Awaiting approval from the LCJB Offender Management Strategic Theme Group.



GPS Satellite Tracking Pilot

Working with a private company to pilot the use of GPS tags on a voluntary basis.  The tags will transmit offender’s exact whereabouts to authorised Police staff.



The Prince's Trust

The Princes Trust are a youth charity founded by HRH Prince Charles over 30 years ago. One of the Programmes offered is The Prince's Trust Team Programme, a practical 12 week full time programme aimed at getting 16-25 year olds back into employment and or education. West Midlands Police are unique in that they are the only police service in the country to deliver The Prince's Trust Team Programme direct from police stations with police secondees utilising the programme to best meet the needs of the areas they are being delivered in.


In addition to hugely benefitting the local community Team offers young people a chance to positively progress their lives. Recruitment is focussed on Offenders/Ex Offenders, those in or leaving care, educational underachievers and the long term unemployed. In essence Team offers these young people hope for the future and the necessary skills to secure employment/ educational opportunities. 

Fresh Start is a Project resulting from funding from Communities Against Guns, Gangs and Knives. WMP and The Princes Trust are working in partnership with a local College as the delivery partner and Sova as the mentoring arm of the project to run ‘Get Started’, a 5 day course within prisons, followed by a 2 day Princes Trust team programme taster course, with Sova then mentoring the nominal’s and progressing them onto the 12 week Princes Trust team programme upon release.  This has run in HMPYOI Werrington and is due to commence within a male and a female prison over the next year.