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Sunday 22 April 2018
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Centre for Crime and Justice Studies eBulletin April 2012

Date Published: 30/04/2012


Source: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

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What have we been up to?

CJM seminar: Riots pure and Simple?

On Friday 20 April, Professor Tim Hope, accompanied by many of the article authors, introduced an in-depth discussion on his CJM themed section: ‘Riots, pure and simple?’. The audience engaged in discussing the differences between the communities where the riots were instigated with areas that were not affected, particularly notifying the difficulties such communities face in terms of police-resident relations and broader socio-economic factors. You can find the August Riots issue of CJM here:


Leveson Inquiry asks permission to publish BJC articles as part of its work

The two articles are co-authored by Eugene McLaughlin and Chris Greer on ‘Expand+British Journal of We Predict a Riot?: Public Order Policing, New Media Environments and the Rise of the Citizen Journalist, and ‘This is not Justice’ Ian Tomlinson, Institutional Failure and the Press Politics of Outrage’

Coming up

Progress thinking and action on reform of the women’s prison estate conference

CCJS are partnering with Women in Prison to hold a day event on thinking through potential progressive reforms to the women’s prison estate and the possibility of smaller custodial units for women. The event will be held on Tuesday 15 May. This is an invitation-only event however, if you would be interested in the agenda or hearing about the outcomes from the day please contact


Reform Sector Strategy Roundtable: Challenging the escalating pattern of imprisonment and growth of criminal justice over the last 30 years

The event will be taking place on Tuesday 1 May; it is part of the Reform Sector Strategies project, where we will aim to facilitate a forward looking and open-ended dialogue about the development of coherent and credible policies to reduce the use of custody. This is an invitation-only event however, if you would be interested in the agenda or hearing about the outcomes from the day please contact

Take a look at this...

The riots’ deeper roots in poverty and alienation

The riots’ deeper roots in poverty and alienation comprises of a collection of responsive letters and emails from Guardian readers, voicing their opinions on poverty and alienation being the underlying cause of the summer riots. Rev Paul Nicolson quotes ‘Parliament needs to wake up to the fact that the system of social security is not fit for purpose’. The Guardian, (30/03/12)


The ‘Troubled Families programme’: Financial framework for the payment-by-results scheme for local authorities

The Troubled Families financial framework provides details of the payment mechanism for local authorities to receive extra funding to deal with so-called troubled families. Aimed at local authorities, this document explains ‘the process and criteria for drawing up the list of families who will be part of the program arrangements’. . You can read David Gregg’s analysis of the previous ‘Trouble Families’ intervention policy under New Labour, the ‘Family Intervention Projects’ here: A follow up article by David Gregg can be found on the Works for Freedom website here: Also see:Councils get £4,000 reward for tackling ‘troubled families’ The Guardian, (28/03/12)



Ministry of Justice: Punishment and reform – Effective community sentences

This consultation seeks views on proposals for radical reforms to the way in which sentences served in the community operate. See, Also see the ‘punishment and reform: effective community sentences’ document, which looks at how probation services in England and Wales can be improved.


The Home Office: Counting rules

This document contains the revised set of rules for counting and classifying crime as at April 2012.


Letters: Secrecy, surveillance, and the state

One of our trustees, Helen Shaw, had her letter on government proposals of secrecy at inquests and the need for reform of RIPA published in the Guardian, (04/04/2012)

In the news...

Verdict on the riots: People need a stake in society

An Independent panel setup to study the causes of last summer’s riots has found that the government has been targeting the wrong families. The Guardian, (28/03/12) Also see ‘poor parenting blamed for the summer riots’, The Daily Telegraph, (28/03/12) and ‘Leaked riot report identifies 500,000 forgotten families’. The Independent, (28/03/12)


Privatisation is a catastrophe, warns godfather of forensics

The privatisation of forensic testing in Britain and the abolishment of forensic science services has lead to potential miscarriages of justice. The Independent, (02/04/12) also see ‘crime should only be investigated by the police, says Met Chief’, amid growing concerns over privatisation of police roles. Telegraph (05/04/12)


CS gas, pepper spray, skunk oil – the new range of weapons coming to riot police

The Guardian, (10/04/12)


Criminal review body is ‘failing the innocent’

Lawyers and campaigners will call for an urgent reform of the Criminal Cases Review Commission. The Guardian, (28/03/12)


Cuts pushing up numbers of rough sleepers, warns charity

A recently publish report has indicated the first signs of a homelessness crisis in England’s towns and cities. For more see the Guardian, (28/03/12) Also see, ‘Charities fear £5m fund to help homeless has been diverted by Mayor of London’. The Guardian, (10/04/12)


Corrupt police help to delete files on criminals

Private investigators linked to organised crime gangs accessed and deleted police intelligence records, according to a leaked report by the Government Agency. The Guardian, (30/03/12)


Cameron ‘must act on US extradition rules’

The PM must radically overhaul extradition arrangements with the US because they are unfairly balanced against Britons, a parliamentary committee has concluded. The Daily Telegraph, (30/03/12)


‘Justifiable homicide’ cases double in the US

The number of killings treated as ‘justified homicide’ has doubled in a decade, following the introduction of controversial self-defence laws in the US. The Daily Telegraph, (02/04/12)


Big society projects £600m fund

The ‘big society’ initiative will launch a £600m fund to support grassroots social projects such as providing capital for charities and voluntary groups bidding for contracts. For more see, The Guardian, (04/04/12) 


The greater class divide

Teachers have warned that schools are facing an increase in segregation ‘along class lines’ with the poorest children being the ones to suffer most. The Independent (05/04/12)


The scale of domestic abuse against women

19,000 women in the year 2008-09 were forced to find emergency shelter and refuge after being ‘forced out of their homes by violent relationships’. Independent (12/04/12) Also see a collection of related statistics and sources here,


Magistrate condemns care service for ‘criminalising children’ for misbehaving

A leading magistrate has argued that the system is resorting to prosecution for behaviour such as ‘pushing and shoving’, which would normally result in discipline by their parents. Daily Mail (12/04/12)


‘Truancy fines should be taken from child benefits’

Parents who persistently allow their children to miss school, should have their child benefit docked, the governments ‘behaviour czar’ has recommended. Public Finance, (16/04/12)  Also see, ‘Truancy crackdown on children as young as 4 years old who miss nursery school  The Guardian (17/04/12)


Angiolini Commission to call for Corton Vale to be demolished

The Scottish government have called for the country’s only women’s prison to be demolished. The BBC News, (17/04/12)


Black graduates pay price in jobs crisis as majority fail to find work

Black graduates are 30 per cent less likely to be employed than their white counterparts after leaving university. The Independent, (23/04/12)


Outdated child neglect law fails to protect, charity says

The 80-year old law on child neglect must be overhauled to protect the estimated 1.5 million children from being malnourished and bullied by their parents. SKY News, (23/04/12)


Supergrass deals let 150 offenders walk free in secret

158 deals have been made with offenders, to give them immunity from prosecution or discounted sentences if they become an informant. The Daily Telegraph, (18/04/12)

Comment(s) of the month

Kicking out youth deprivation

Guardian reporter Alexandra Topping reports, nearly 4 million children are living in poverty. The article explores what can be done to improve the life chances of young people who are poor. The Guardian, (04/04/12)


Cartoons of the month

Steve Bell on David Cameron and petrol tanker drivers’ strike – The Guardian, (30/03/12) 


‘Charity fun run’, The Daily Telegraph, (16/04/12)



‘Numbers of the month’

20  - The percentage of women retiring this year who have no money saved into a pension.  The Daily Mail (04/04/12)


72 – The percentage of Briton’s who hold negative views about human rights laws, The Daily Mail, (16/04/12)


10,199 – The number of foster care applications grows. The Independent (12/04/2012)



Quote(s) of the month

“I want to see people rolling up their sleeves and getting down and cleaning floors if that is what needs to be done. If a family needs to be shown how to heat up a pizza, show them how to do it. If it takes going round three times a week at 7am to get Mum up, then do it.”

Louise Casey gets down and dirty with ‘Mums’. The Times. 27 April 2012


“If someday we all go to prison for downloading music, I just hope they split us by the music genre” – Internet anonymous


"There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on me through my phone' anymore. Eventually, it will be 'My phone is spying on me." – Phillip K Dick, (1928-1982)