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Wednesday 21 March 2018
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Social Media and Criminal Justice Policy Exchange


Get yourself involved now and tell us what you think.  Share with colleagues, criminal justice policy makers, students and fellow travellers.


Tell them about the survey, we want to ensure we get as wide a view as possible.


In conjunction with Julian Buchanan at the Institute of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, we have set up a series of interlinked initiatives to explore the growing use of social media for debating criminal justice policy.  We are seeking to test the following proposition:


Social media offers criminal justice stakeholders an open, equitable and transparent way to extend avenues of communication globally potentially increasing accessibility and impact. It has enabled novel and distinctive pathways for criminal justice policy exchange, evolution and implementation through the construction of an extensive e-architecture enabling new forms of dissemination, communication, policy networks, policy developments and debate which has the potential to democratise and widen access to influence crime policy.


We'd love you to do the survey at


Or you can...


Choose your medium to exchange and debate the issues, but also we would be really grateful if you can spread the word to your colleagues and your students too.  Copy the text above and email it to anyone engaged in criminal justice policy exchange.  We want the survey to reflect as wide a view as we can muster and we need your help for this.


For more information contact Paul Senior.