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Sunday 22 April 2018
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Suzy Lamplugh Trust remembers founder Diana Lamplugh on the anniversary of her death


Today (18 September 2012) is the 1st anniversary of the death of the Trust’s founder Diana Lamplugh, following a stroke and a nine year battle with Alzheimer’s.

Paul Infield, Chairman of the Trustees, said: “The thoughts of everyone at the Trust are with Paul Lamplugh and the rest of the family. Although it’s a sad day, it’s also a day to remember what a remarkable women Diana was. Her amazing charisma and dedication to the Trust set up in her daughter’s name ensured that it is now the UK’s leading personal safety charity, offering its skills and knowledge to all sectors of society. We are all indebted to her.”


After the disappearance of her daughter, Suzy, in 1986, Diana and her husband, Paul, founded Suzy Lamplugh Trust and for over sixteen years she was the powerhouse behind this well-known national charity for personal safety. She received an OBE for her work in 1992.


Diana was one of those people who contributed energy, focus and commitment to everything she did. A charismatic speaker and tireless campaigner, Diana led the Trust in successfully campaigning for changes in law and procedures regarding safer working practices; safe travel in minicabs; safer travel on trains and safer stations; safer car parks; the treatment and sentencing of sex offenders; helping vulnerable young people and victims of crime; protection from stalking and harassment, treatment of young offenders and many others.


It is a credit to the groundwork she laid during the early years that the Trust – which celebrates its 26th Anniversary this year – continues to be a well-respected and active charity, continuing and expanding the work that Diana started.



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