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Saturday 21 April 2018
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Suzy Lamplugh Trust Reopens Social Media Profiles

Suzy Lamplugh Trust have reopened their social media profiles on websites, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as of the beginning of February 2011. Accounts had been opened last year and tested out to see their effectiveness in communicating and delivering out safety advice. Our new social media intern will be running the accounts and providing valuable conversation between the Trust and it’s friends.


Links to the accounts can be found here, by going to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Please take the time to check them out and friend us on any of the networks you belong to.


Along with these accounts, the Trust has opened an account with Formspring, a social website to ask users questions. The Trust hopes to use this asset to answer anonymous questions on safety to help anyone who needs it. To go to our profile on Formspring click here.


Over the next month the Trust hopes to make small changes to the website to fully integrate our social media presence and to connect the website to our profiles. Any suggestions on how you would like us to fully utilize our social media presence including topics discussed or YouTube videos made, feel free to email Andy our social media intern.


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