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Sunday 22 April 2018
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. interactive film reveals how a burglary is investigated

A new film showing how crime is processed through the criminal justice system has been launched on


The film shows how a crime is processed through the criminal justice system from beginning to end has been launched on Viewers hear from a Police Constable, a Crime Scene Investigator and Detective Inspector all describing their role in the burglary investigation.


The film helps provide context to the data on the website. It also highlights the importance of witnesses to a case and lets the public know what they can expect under the Victims’ Code.


Watch the interactive film about how a burglary is investigated on


Policing Minister Damian Green said:

This film provides an easy-to-access way for the public to see how crimes affecting local communities are dealt with. is an integral part of this government’s reforms to make the police more accountable to the communities they serve.


The popularity of the site, which has almost half a million visits a month, underlines that 3 years on it remains a great place for enabling the public to find out crime levels in their area and to see what action the police are taking doing to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. was launched in 2011 as part of the government’s drive on transparency. Over the past 3 years, the site has been developed to provide even more detail. Crimes are now displayed to over 750,000 ‘snap points’ across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, allowing the user to see the general location of where a crime occurred while maintaining privacy for victims.


Other functions introduced to the site since it launched include:

  • Compare your area – enabling users to see how the performance of their police force or neighbourhood team compares with similar areas
  • Crime and justice outcomes – rather than just showing what crime has happened, it also shows what action the police or courts took
  • The ability to create, bookmark and share personalised crime maps
  • A function enabling you to sign up to receive email notifications when the crime data for your area is updated
  • Details of individual officer / PCC twitter feeds, web chats and local e-messaging services


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