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Monday 23 April 2018

Measures to place victims centre-stage are important but criminals are 'wired differently' says Nacro


Nacro, the crime reduction charity, welcomes the Government’s publication today of a new Victims’ Code which places victims centre stage within the criminal justice system, but claims they are not enough in themselves to tackle reoffending as criminals are ‘wired differently’.


Responding to the announcement on Sky News this morning, and accepting that the announcement represents an important moment for crime victims, Graham Beech, Nacro’s Strategic Development Director, explained that although the measures are a useful tool in terms of heightening victim awareness on the part of offenders, whether they will work in reducing reoffending remains to be seen.


Graham Beech said:

“Offenders, particularly persistent offenders, often fail to take responsibility for their actions and that’s why they continue to reoffend – they are wired differently from the rest of us.


“It is important to get offenders to take responsibility for their crime and to pay back the victims and the local community but this work is a long process which needs to take place throughout the sentence and on release into the community – it cannot just happen in court.


“Restorative justice approaches are almost universally popular with victims and do work with some offenders. But for the majority, to get them to stop offending you have to do more and this involves getting them to think differently, to be more productive in the community and to pay back.


“Helping with employment, education, accommodation, debt, drug and alcohol issues are all part of this process. If you do all of these things then you have the chance to change mind sets and help victims by reducing crime.”


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