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Thursday 19 April 2018

Catch22 welcomes report into young adult transitions in both custody and in the community


Catch22, in conjunction with The Transition to Adulthood Alliance (T2A), has welcomed the publication of ‘Transitions: an inspection of the transition arrangements from youth to adult services in the criminal justice system’, a Criminal Justice Joint Inspection report into young adult transitions in both custody and in the community.


Catch22 is a member of the T2A, and works on projects which help to ensure a smooth transition to adulthood for young adults in the criminal justice system. These projects provide support to ensure that young adults susceptible to difficulties have access to services vital to ensuring a smooth transition into adulthood.


The multi-agency study makes reference to the Alliance’s work on maturity and highlights the T2A pilot projects in Birmingham, London and Worcestershire, locations in which Catch22 has been involved in evaluating successes in reducing reoffending and social exclusion.


While welcoming examples of good practice, the report also highlights some key areas in which insufficient attention has been paid to effective transitions:

  • Not all young people in the community who were eligible for transfer to adult-based services were identified. This meant that when transfer was initiated, it was often too late and based on insufficient information;

  • Young people were not always as informed or involved as they should have been. Some young people reported that they felt unprepared for the reality of a move to an adult establishment whilst in custody.

  • There was a lack of work with young people with particular health needs, or those in education, employment and training to ensure that services needed by the young person were continued after the transition.

  • A lack of timely sharing of information between the youth-based and adult-based services meant that plans were often interrupted; and

  • In custody, insufficient forward planning and communication led to a gap in sentence planning and delivery of interventions after young people had transferred to an over-18 young offender institution/prison.


Catch22 hopes that this publication serves to further highlight the specific needs faced by young adults, especially those facing difficult transitions to adulthood within the criminal justice system.
Find out more about The Transition to Adulthood Alliance.


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