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Thursday 19 April 2018

ACPO Comment on Go Orders for Domestic Abuse

Three forces will today begin a 12 month pilot of domestic violence protection orders giving the power to keep suspects away from domestic abuse victims for up to 28 days


ACPO lead on violence and public protection Chief Constable Brian Moore said:


“Domestic Violence Protection Orders are aimed at perpetrators who present a continuing risk of violence to the victim. Currently perpetrators are released with no restrictions upon their behaviour at a time when we know that risk is heightened for the victim. Protection for the victim in the immediate aftermath of a domestic violence incident is not currently available and often the only option is for the victim and children to be removed from the home. In my view that is a grotesque situation.


“People should enjoy seamless safety and at all times be protected. These pilots will give police the power to keep the suspect away from the victim for a limited period so that the victim has time to think, to receive advice and to consider options. In other words, some protected time, space and support to break free, if they want to.


“These ‘go orders’ have been in place in a number of European countries for the past 15 years and I’m pleased that we now have the chance to pilot them here.


“Our main objective is to secure a co-ordinated approach across agencies for the protection of victims and the management of perpetrators.”




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