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Sunday 22 April 2018

How to Keep Safe in the Riots

The riots in many parts of London and other cities frighten and worry many of us.  We are concerned for our own safety, the safety of our loved ones and friends, and the protection of our property. At the same time we all need to go to work and go out and about for leisure activities.


Our advice, to Live Life Safe, applies just as much to the current situation as it does to crimes of violence and aggression generally.


Here are some ways in which you can keep yourself safe:

  • Before you leave home plan how you are going to get to where you want to and how you are going to get home – and plan alternative routes in case your first route becomes dangerous. This includes having any relevant timetables and maps showing where stations and bus stops are
  • Dress inconspicuously. Though we haven’t yet seen in these riots people being attacked because they look affluent it’s happened in past riots.
  • Don’t flash your cash. In other words, don’t show money or smart mobile phones or computers in public (including pubs and restaurants) unless you’re confident that it’s safe to do so
  • Take earphones out when you are out and about. Music can easily prevent you from hearing trouble approaching
  • Remember that you are more at risk if you’ve been drinking or taking recreational drugs. Your instincts are slower and not as good – and you may not be able to run as fast, if you need to
  • Above all, don’t go near a riot or large group of people who appear to be intent on fomenting trouble. We know this sounds obvious but there’s often a temptation to go and see what is happening.  Going to see what’s the trouble could get you in to trouble
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