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Saturday 21 April 2018

How to create a PDF booklet


Our eBooklets feature allows you to instantly transform website content into tailor-made booklets, information sheets or training manuals, enabling you to read content offline.


Using this feature, you can quickly and easily add the website pages containing information of most interest to you into a virtual print basket for offline reading.


Through a simple 'add to basket', you can add and remove You can even rearrange your chosen pages into a preferred order before creating your booklet.  Our eBooklets feature will then covert your chosen set of pages into PDF format and publish a consolidated booklet for you to download, print and take-away.


The eBooklet feature was launched to enable IOM E-Learning Portal users to create personalised training manuals, but it is available on all webpages on the Community Justice Portal, so you can use it however you choose.



Instructions for use


How to add a page to your PDF basket


  • Click on the Create PDF booklet tab at the right-hand side of the window to expand it.




Add page to PDF basket icon
  • Click on the Add page to PDF basket icon to bookmark the current page. Wait for the page to refresh before navigating away.




PDF basket icon.jpg
  • The number in parentheses below the PDF basket icon shows how many pages you have bookmarked.




PDF basket help icon.jpg
  • Click on the PDF basket help icon to return to this page and help to using the PDF basket function on this website




How to download your PDF booklet


PDF basket icon
  • Click on the PDF basket icon to navigate to your PDF basket where you can view and download your bookmarked pages as separate PDF files or as one consolidated PDF booklet.




  • In your PDF basket you can rearrange bookmarked pages into the order you want and remove anything you no longer need. Click Up or Down to rearrange pages. To delete a bookmarked page from your PDF basket, tick the box next to the page and then click the Remove button.




  • To download individual bookmarked pages, tick the box next to the page and then click Download to save and/or print your chosen page.




  • To download all your bookmarked pages into a consolidated booklet, tick the top box in the purple header (to select all pages) and then click Download to save and/or print your booklet.