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Sunday 22 April 2018
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Plans to extend freedom of information

The Government wants to extend the scope of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act to increase transparency.


Speaking in an interview on the BBC’s ‘You and Yours’ radio programme, broadcast today, the minister said:


'The Government is committed to increasing transparency, including extending the scope of the Freedom of Information Act.


'We are carefully considering the different ways of achieving this aim, including looking at the extension of the Act to additional bodies.


 'Any extension of the FOI Act will need to take account of the burdens that this would place on bodies to be covered.'


The Government aims to proactively publish significant amounts of information. It has already published information from the Treasury’s COINS database about Government spending and details of civil servants earning over £150,000.


The Prime Minister has also announced that Government will publish details of contracts over £25,000. Details of public servants’ salaries above £58,000 will be published later this month.


Lord McNally added: 'Alongside our drive for transparency, we must ensure that genuinely sensitive information is protected. We need to get the balance right.'


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