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Monday 23 April 2018
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Akzo Nobel Chemicals Ltd (ECJ, 14/09/2010) In a heavily criticised decision, the ECJ has ruled that internal emails between in-house lawyers are not protected by legal professional privilege.

Timbrell v Sec.State for Work & Pensions (Family. Court of Appeal, 22/06/2010) In allowing a married transexual her rights to a state pension in spite of the absence of the appropriate Gender Recognition Certificate this relatively recent decision has many questioning whether the courts have de facto recognised same sex marriages.

R v Coonan (formerly Sutcliffe) (Criminal, Court of Appeal, 16/07/2010) The Court of Appeal explains its reasoning in confirming its decision that the Yorkshire Ripper should never be released.






14-15/10/10 (London):

Expert Determination Academy of Experts course. The Academy Rules for Expert Determination which came into effect from June 2008 make it essential to undertake proper training prior to undertaking new instructions. This is a technical course which will deal with all you need to know to get started and run an Expert Determination

20/10 (Bristol)
30/11 (London)

Medico-Legal: Past, Present and Future EWI events. The medico-legal sector is now twenty years old. Dr Brünjes will explain the history of medical intermediaries, review the contemporaneous issues and will try to predict the future in this constantly changing arena. This talk will be of interest to lawyers, medics and judiciary and will provide a valuable insight from somebody who has been involved in the provision of medical opinion from the early days.





The Effects of Different Maceration Techniques on Nuclear DNA Amplification Using Human Bone: This paper includes information on the analysis of DNA in degraded and unusual specimens. These have application in criminalities, physical anthropology, deontology and the identification of victims of mass disasters. Used with kind permission from the Journal of Forensic Sciences.



In The News

22/09/10 (UK): Halliwell Debt to The College of Law £450,000 The College of Law has been left to absorb £450k worth of bad debt owed by Halliwells.'The Lawyer' reports that the institution, which ran the LPC for Halliwells' trainees on an exclusive basis, is one of dozens of creditors owed a total of £14.1m by the law firm, which went into administration in July this year.

14/09/10 (UK) Lord Bingham Dies Tributes have been paid to Lord Bingham of Cornhill, the former lord chief justice and one of the pre-eminent judges of his generation, following his recent death. Lord Bingham was the first ever judge to hold the top three judicial posts - master of the rolls, lord chief justice and senior law lord.

10/09/10 (UK): The End of Cut-Price Alcohol? The Scottish Government looks set to press ahead with its plans to eliminate cut-price alcohol. For some time there have been concerns about the free availability of bargain basement booze in supermarkets and the promotion of 'two-for-one' offers in pubs and clubs.

26/08/10 (UK): Civil Sanctions Proposed In Crime With over 3,000 criminal offences introduced under the Labour administration since 1997, the Law Commission is proposing that civil penalties should replace criminal sanctions in some cases. Click on the link for the Guardian article.

18/08/2010 (BRA): Experts on Comedy Required It's been dubbed the 'anti joking law'. Brazil's comedians are not allowed to poke fun at candidates ahead of the nation's presidential election in October.

21/06/10 (USA): 38 Years In Solitary Isn't Enough? Albert Woodfox has spent nearly all of the last 38 years in solitary confinement at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. His case has brought protests from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, who argue that Woodfox's decades in lockdown constitute torture, and from a growing band of supporters, who believe that he was denied a fair trial. For more than ten years, he has been fighting for his release in the courts. But now, a ruling by a federal appeals court ensured that for the foreseeable future, Albert Woodfox will remain right where he has been for nearly four decades: in a 6 x 9 cell in the heart of America's largest and most notorious prison. The link takes you an online 'Solitary Watch' article.


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