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Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Centre for Crime and Justice Studies Monthly Bulletin: July 2011

This bulletin can also be viewed online at The next bulletin will be in September 2011.


Our 80th Birthday Party

We had a splendid time at our 80th birthday party with both old friends and new. Former Centre Director Julia Braggins wrote to say ‘a big thank you to all who worked so hard to give us such a lovely evening yesterday. It was so lovely to catch up with so many old friends, and what a great venue!  The eats and drinks were superb, and the view magnificent. Thank you again. It was a real trip down memory lane, with a contemporary twist. Congratulations for preserving the dear old firm in such great heart.’ Here is the speech given by centre Director Richard Garside at the event.


The July issue of the British Journal of Criminology is out...

It includes a Review Symposium of Public Criminology?: By Ian Loader and Richard Sparks (Oxford: Key Ideas in Criminology, Routledge, 2010, 196pp.) with contributions from Nils Christie, Elliott Currie, Helena Kennedy, Gloria Laycock, Rod Morgan, Joe Sim, Jacqueline Tombs and Reece Walters. Find the details here


York deviancy conference

A number of us had a really interesting few days up in York at the conference on crime, deviance, disorder and social harm. Our research director Roger and our policy director Will both presented papers. The amply-filled daily programmes also reminded Roger of the importance of having a good breakfast...




Community or Custody?

On 11 July Anna Gilmour (Policy Associate) attended the fourth session of Make Justice Work's enquiry into 'Community or Custody' which focused on mental health issues. More on the enquiry can be found here


‘How can Police and Crime Commissioners help cut crime and disorder?’…

… is the event, organised by the Criminal Justice Alliance, which Arianna Silvestri (Research and Policy Associate) attended on 12 July. Click here to find out more.


A vision for prison reform is lost amid the manoeuvring

Richard Garside wrote a piece for The Guardian arguing that the furore over halving sentences for early guilty pleas shows how hard it is to discuss prison reform. Read it here



On 5 July we had a meeting with researchers from the Italian association Antigone and the University of Turin; one of their main projects is the Italian and European ‘Observatory on the condition of prisons’. We hope this will be the foundation for future international collaborations and exchanges of ideas with this and other European organisations. Find out more on Antigone here


And we have been so busy that...

Our two briefings on young adults in transition will now be published in the Autumn.




Community sentences: a solution to penal excess?

This report will now be published on Monday, August 1. It will be available for download here


Save the date - 2011 Eve Saville Lecture

Susie Orbach will be delivering the lecture on Wednesday 16 November. Full details will be available nearer the time. To register your interest, please email:




Private Prisons

US based Justice Police Institute has published a report called ‘Gaming the System: How the Political Strategies of Private Prison Companies Promote Ineffective Incarceration Policies’. To read it click here


Breaking the cycle?

Read here the government response to the consultation on the green paper 'Breaking the Cycle: Effective punishment, rehabilitation and sentencing of offenders'.


The new geographies of racism

The Institute of Race Relations investigates how geographies of racism throughout the UK are changing in a wider climate of economic austerity, shifting patterns of migration and settlement and against the backdrop of new forms of racism exacerbated by national policies. To read the research click here


Families with children need a 20 per cent increase in income simply to maintain living standards

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published the 2011 annual ‘Minimum Income Standard for the UK’, looking at the effects of tax and benefits on the budgets for different family types. Click here to read the report.


The impact of the recession on health

It seems to affect suicide rates: from 2007 to 2009 suicides rose 16 per cent in Greece, 13 per cent in Ireland and 8 per cent in the UK. To read the research click here


Crime statistics to become independent?

Crime statistics will be published by the Office for National Statistics. Click here to find out more.


UK unemployment since 2005

The Office for National Statistics has published a report on UK unemployment since 2005 including a video with animated maps. Click here to read the research and here to watch the video.




Car theft stopped: not a police officer in sight

New security technologies have been helping to reduce the number of car crimes. Figures show that last year 107,000 vehicles were stolen, compared to with an annual 600,000 that were stolen 20 years ago. For more see The Guardian (17/06/2011)


Over 16,000 police officer jobs are being cut

New report out with all the details. For more see Public Finance (21/07/2011)


Cutting violent crimes thanks to A&E data?

A police scheme introduced in Cardiff is to be rolled out across the country. The anonymous A&E data helps the police count where the violent incidents occur according to the records of those admitted to hospital. For more see The Independent (17/06/2011)


Details of victims in the new police database

A new police database, called the Police National Database, will hold personal details of 15 million people, including information about victims and will be accessed by more than 12,000 police officers. For more see The Daily Telegraph (17/06/2011)


Goodbye Youth Justice Board. Hello Youth Justice Division

Another New Labour initiative binned...


The cost of executions in California

A study by two senior legal figures (click here reports that each of the 13 people executed in California over the past 30 years has cost some $308m. For more see The Guardian (21/06/2011)


Victim’s confidence on police

Victim Support shows that the confidence in police officers among victims of crime is a fifth less that those who have never called the police (read the report here For more see The Daily Telegraph (21/06/2011)


Web snooping

Google’s Transparency Report shows that in six months, British intelligence agencies, police and other government bodies asked Google to hand over data 1,162 times. To read the report click here For more see The Daily Telegraph (28/06/2011)


No longer middle class, they are poor now

A research published by reveals that almost a quarter of all households are now classed as fuel poor (read it here For more see the Daily Mail (06/07/2011)


Old, white and male

Judges are too male, white and elitist, leading figures say. The House of Lords has launched an inquiry into how judicial appointments are made (click here

For more see the Daily Mail (06/07/2011)


Invisible children detained at Heathrow

Foreign children are still being detained, despite a government promise to stop the practice. For more see The Guardian (07/07/2011)


Inquiry on torture: protests and boycotting

The key hearings of the government’s plans for an inquiry into the UK’s role in torture will be secret and victims will be unable to question intelligence agents. For more see The Guardian (07/07/2011)


Public services white paper

The Government has published an open public services white paper (read it here For more see The Guardian (12/07/2011)




‘Changing the law’

Analysing the courtroom defence of Levi Bellfield, Duncan Campbell highlights the need to respect the inquisitorial approach in discovering the truth. For more see The Guardian (27/06/2011)


‘Justice will be the loser’

Mary Riddell claims that MPs are throwing away the chance of law reform. For more see The Daily Telegraph (28/06/2011)


Successfully cutting gang violence?

It is claimed that the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) has helped reduce gang violence in Glasgow by almost 50% (click here to find out more). Read Gavin Knight on the initiative on The Guardian (06/07/2011).


‘The mark of a civilised society is how it treats its most vulnerable members’

Peter Lodder offers his view on the consequences of the legal aid cuts on children and vulnerable people.For more see The Guardian (12/07/2011)


New Labour and Murdoch

A letter from Professor Joe Sim encouraging us to widen our gaze can be read here.


Legal advice in police station

A letter signed by John Wotton (Law Society President) and Professor Ed Cape (University of the West England) among others, criticises the Government purpose to not stop paying for police station advice. For more see The Times (19/07/2011).


‘Clarke’s privatisation drive will fail to improve prisons’...

John Podmore says. For more see The Society Guardian (20/07/2011)




‘The Absence of Trust’ – oh the irony...

‘...people value honest, fearless, and above all independent news coverage that challenges the consensus. There is an inescapable conclusion that we must reach if we are to have a better society. The only reliable, durable, and perpetual guarantor of independence is profit’.  James Murdoch speaking at the McTaggart Lecture 28 August 2009, titled ‘The Absence of Trust’. Well worth a read in retrospect (click here


‘Nah then, nah then, what’s bin-a-goin’ on ‘ere, then?’

Steve Bell’s cartoon, The Guardian (07/07/2011)


For any feedback, please email the bulletin editor at Lorenzo Del Castillo

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