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Monday 23 April 2018

Public Perceptions of Criminal Justice Responses towards Sex Offenders and the Impact that Parenthood has upon these

Anna Morton


Criminal Justice responses towards sex offenders can arguably be viewed on an exclusionary-inclusionary spectrum continuum, with punitive approaches on one hand and restorative justice measures on the other. The purpose of this research was to examine what public perceptions of these arguably contradictory responses to sex offenders are, thus identifying the favoured methods by the public. The variable of parenthood was also introduced in order to identify if this effects public perceptions of the criminal justice responses employed. The sample therefore comprised on 25 parents and 25 non-parents to allow for comparisons to be made. The results of the study indicated that punitive responses towards sex offenders were the favoured approach however; some support for alternative methods was in existence. Thus recommendations for further research into alternative criminal justice methods were suggested. In relation to the variable of parenthood no significant differences were found, similar to that of existing research.


Download the document below to view the full dissertation.