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Sunday 22 April 2018

Sex Offenders & How They Use the Internet

Joasia Lesniak


This dissertation explores the online sexual solicitation of young people. A critical review of existing literature has been carried out in order to provide answers as to how internet sex offenders target and groom victims. Existing literature on topics such as: the internet, adolescent attitudes and internet sex offenders, is presented in order to provide the reader with an overview of the topic. The literature is critiqued throughout to further investigate how internet sex offenders operate. The dissertation also includes literature on online sexual solicitation prevention methods.

The findings of the literature based dissertation show that the vulnerabilities of adolescents increase the likelihood of them being groomed by online sexual predators. Factors such as privacy issues and self presentation also have the potential to contribute to an adolescent being groomed.  Another main finding of the research is that the education of adolescents with regard to online sexual solicitation should be a priority. The dissertation discusses recommendations given by academics on what further prevention methods need to be implemented.


Download the document below to view the full dissertation.