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Friday 20 April 2018

To What Extent has Recreational Drug Use become Normalised within a Contemporary Student Population?


This dissertation measures the extent to which normalisation of recreational drug use has occurred among the student population at Sheffield Hallam University. Through the use of self completion questionnaires it looks at trying rates, levels of recent and regular use, and its accommodation by abstainers and ex-users. This dissertation found higher levels of recreational drug use than has been found in previous studies on the subject and high levels of acceptance of many illicit drugs.  A significant rise in the use of cocaine was found, with a reduction in use of LSD. The students at Sheffield Hallam University appear to be normalised to the recreational use of cannabis, and to a lesser extent cocaine, ecstasy and nitrates. Of the drugs indicated only heroin, LSD and solvents had infrequently been tried or used often.


Download the document below to view the full dissertation