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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Rape and Responsibility: A quantitative study into gendered student perceptions of female rape and the attribution of responsibility

Rebecca C King


Through non-random purposive sampling 20 Sheffield Hallam University students, 10 male and 10 female, completed a self-completion questionnaire surrounding female rape in order to establish whether perceptions of female rape and the attribution of responsibility differ in relation to gender, as it was hypothesised that they would. The hypothesis was tested through bivariate analysis with the collected data presented in contingency tables. The findings of the study discovered that the majority of the male participants displayed pro-rape and sexual violence attitudes in comparison to only a minority of the female participants, thus satisfying the hypothesis. The findings were discussed in relation to traditional views surrounding gender roles and sex stereotyping embedded within British culture. It was concluded that educational interventions confronting masculinity, violence and rape myths surrounding responsibility and harm may be crucial to ending attitudes justifying rape and subsequently minimising the occurrence of female rape in the future.


Download the document below to view the full dissertation.