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Sunday 22 April 2018

How effective is the utilisation of increased street lighting as a situational crime prevention method?

Samuel Crayk


This dissertation offers a thematic synthesis of the literature into the effectiveness of increased street lighting as a situational crime prevention method. Research into the effectiveness of street lighting is relatively comprehensive, however much is conflicting and a large proportion has been carried out in America. Studies which have been carried out in England tend to be dated or lack in methodological soundness. It is evident that much poor quality research has been carried out and for this reason when choosing studies strict parameters were necessary. These said parameters will be explained later in the paper.
A literature review is employed throughout this paper in the aim to obtain a broad understanding of all research carried out allowing a more conclusive and unbiased evaluation. It was also chosen because of cost, time constraints, and due to there being copious amounts of extensive research available, that only a longitudinal study would have been appropriate.
It was evident that for every piece of research released came a substantial amount of critiques to the methodology and overall structure. This meant that it allowed the dissertation to take an unbiased, objective stance, with every viewpoint taken into consideration before making an overall conclusion.


Download the document below to view the full dissertation.